I really don’t understand investments.  Can you really help me?

The short answer is yes.  With over twenty years of experience in the investment industry, we take all the industry speak and break it down to plain English.  Far too many advisors like to complicate matters by using industry terms which makes you feel dependent on them and afraid to ask questions.  We will educate you about the business as much as you are willing to take in.

Is my account is too small for you to work with me?

No.  Clearly, the more you have in investments the more complicated your situation may be.  We believe getting on the right track from the beginning, and having a better understanding of how the investment business works will pay off in the future.  You can always check our Resources section to get yourself up to speed before contacting us.

Can you manage my account for me?

At the moment we are not registered to manage or recommend securities.  We are a fee for service investment consulting firm helping investors navigate the investment industry landscape, and make sure that you understand how much you are paying in fees, that your asset mix is suitable to your risk tolerance and return expectations, and that you will be on track to meet your investment goals.

How much do you charge for your consultation services?

Each client’s needs are unique and vary in complexity and therefore each client engagement is unique.  The initial consultation is free to see if we can help you and if there is a need.  After that, our engagement letter is transparent and clearly outlines the cost.

I see you have an ETF service as well.  What’s that all about?

We applied our years of investment management experience and developed an absolute return strategy using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  ETFs are a low cost way of diversifying your portfolio.